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Unfortunately there is no x-ray or blood test that can diagnose depression. The correct diagnosis can only be made by recognising the symptoms and identifying the possible cause.

Depression can be caused by a number of different events or situations. Likewise, Depression can be in different levels of severity or last for varying amounts of time.


Many people suffer mental abuse which can be much harder to spot that you are being affected by the history of this than if you suffer physical abuse



It’s so important to understand, and more important to accept – if you are suffering from depression it is not your fault.

You need to be aware of the events that are or have happened in your life. Sometimes even potentially positive or exciting events can impact against your mental health. Below is a list of events that may have happened in your life recently or in the past and any of these could be the reason for your situation:

  • Death/Bereavement. Losing a loved one, Friend, Parent or Grandparent
  • Marriage. The failure or breakdown of a marriage or relationship
  • Careers. Redundancy, Dismissal, Pay Cuts, Demotion, Relocation
  • Physical Injury. Disablement or injury resulting in isolation from interests and work
  • History. Its not medically confirmed but there is a possibility Depression could be hereditary.
  • Illness. Long term illness and head injuries
  • Drink and Drugs. Excessive use can lead to depression
  • Childhood. Events and experiences from your younger years
  • Diet. Unhealthy diet and no exercise

Day to day pressures can also build up to cause depression. Whilst individually they appear reasonably minor, when all stacked up they can certainly have a negative impact:

  • Money – Meeting the monthly bills has become harder and harder. The cost of living feels like it is going up where as a pay rise at work has almost become ‘Old School’ or a retro item. Single men trying to get onto the property ladder will be faced with pressure to raise the deposit or secure a mortgage. The cost of your first car is now overshadowed by the price of the insurance. Starting a family now appears to require a sound financial situation and you could buy a sports car outright for the same price as getting married. Fathers historically dreaded the awkward ‘Birds and Bees’ discussion but that has now been overshadowed by the ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ debate.
  • Work – Work has become a more pressured environment with companies struggling to keep going, others fighting to pay dividends and this pressure runs down from the top, to Directors, Managers and in fact all employees and business owners. Working hours seem longer, very often travel to work is further, more time consuming and more costly. Many Men will be working under the additional pressure, especially in recent years of potential redundancy or pay cuts.
  • Appearance – there was time when a chilled four pack was an image associated with men, nowadays, nothing short of a six pack appears to be acceptable.
  • Parenthood – there was time when the competitive peak for a parent was restricted to a race once a year at sports day. Now we are striving to make sure our child excels in everything from education, sports, hobbies, and even appearance. Deep down and commonly mentioned, we are striving to provide ‘what we never had’ and some more.

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