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There are various symptoms that could mean you are suffering from depression. It’s important to consider the following as by identifying the signs will assist your GP in making a correct diagnosis.

Nort Coping at Work?



No interest or inspiration

You may have noticed a lack of interest in things that you previously enjoyed so much such as sports, hobbies, socialising or even sex. You could be struggling to retain your concentration when you are at work, reading a book or even watching TV (not including soaps). Do you find that issues that you may usually deal with are becoming harder to attempt and are simply ignored or delayed?


A constant feeling of being low, empty or feeling worthless. Sometimes all things can feel pointless and you may feel tearful or emotional when usually you wouldn’t. When something good happens it only briefly alters your feeling or maybe not at all. Failing to recognise when you have achieved something and therefore not accepting praise and positive comments. Do you feel guilty about things from the past and blame yourself when in reality these matters are beyond your control?

Sleeping and Relaxing

Sleeping more than you used to or the opposite, struggling to sleep, is quite a common sign. You can find that you have a lack of energy, aching muscles and slowness in your movements. For example a regular walk to the shop that is normally no problem now becomes more tiring or a struggle.

Eating and Drinking

Have you noticed a drop in your appetite or alternatively, excessive eating leading to unplanned weight loss/gain. Are you tending to drink more alcohol than usual whether than be the amount or regularity. Very often, people suffering from depression will turn to alcohol as a source of initially lifting their mood or confidence. If you smoke, are you starting to smoke more than you normally do?


Depression not only affects us mentally but also physically. You may notice aches and pains that don’t seem to have any cause such as over exercise or injury. Back pain is quite common with depression. A frequent loss of energy or prolonged low energy levels. Digestive problems and headaches can also be caused by depression.

Work and Play

You may be finding it hard to focus at work or commit yourself in the usual fashion to tasks or projects. A loss of  interest in hobbies and sports that you previously enjoyed and looked forward to such as staying in regularly rather than watching the match in the pub. Ignoring calls, sometimes even from good friends and finding replying to personal emails just too much effort.

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