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You have already taken the first step in dealing with the potential situation by looking for information on this website. If things just don’t seem right, and remembering nobody knows you better than you, and any of the Signs and Symptoms are sounding familiar then the next step is to visit your GP.

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Before booking the appointment it could be useful to consider if you would feel easier talking to a Male or a Female Doctor. You can usually request the gender of your doctor as with other ailments. If you have a regular GP then you have a good start but most commonly Men don’t. It’s crucial to be able to speak to a GP who you feel comfortable with. It’s also important that the GP understands Depression and as proven, Men tend not to talk about the symptoms so be prepared this could be fresh ground for you both. If you can, make a note of your symptoms and feelings to help the GP understand more.

If you are not happy with the diagnosis provided by the GP you are quite within your rights to ask to see another Doctor. This will usually mean arranging another appointment which is why we recommend taking records of your feelings and symptoms with you to maximise the chance of your GP helping.


Prescribed by your GP further to Diagnosis, there are different brands with different strengths. There is still a stigma and therefore a reluctance to accept or take this medication. Its important to realise these are a medication, highly likely they may just be there to assist in your first part of recovery and often very effective. There are possible side effects which we will endeavour to highlight very soon.

Talking Therapies

This is a very effective way of dealing with depression for the long term. Often Men are reluctant to talk about personal feelings and possibly feel embarrassed talking to stranger. However, its important to understand this form of dealing with depression is very effective, can really get to the bottom of the issues and really helps dealing with situations now, from the past and in the future. There is a choice, but often therapies are in the form of one-to-one sessions. They are very confidential and you can be assured you will be talking to someone who understands.

Exercise and Healthy Living

For the long term this is an excellent way to control depression and can help create an all round improvement to your life. Initially it may not be for everyone, but slowly and patiently including excercise, in whatever form into your daily or weekly plan, will be extremely beneficial. Benefits include improving your self-esteem, your physical appearance and helps generate more energy. There is no need to rush to become the next Usain Bolt, what excercise you undertake is dependent on any current excercise you do and your physical condition. Try to remember a 30 minute walk, run or a swim takes up just over 2% of your day.

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