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Muted is a registered charity formed to provide information, support and knowledge of Depression in Men. The Charity has been founded and is run by a team of people, both Men and Women, who have experienced, worked with and studied the effects that the condition can have on sufferers, carers, family and friends.




Our Mission is to reduce the stigma and reluctance of recognition of Depression suffered by Men. We hope to reach out to the Men to help them recognise the symptoms, accept available treatments and above all, reinforce the fact that there is a positive path ahead. Equally as important, we hope to be able to provide information of support to assist the Partners, Wives, Sons, Daughters, Parents, Friends and Colleagues of sufferers.

Depression is a topic, especially in Men, that is still not accepted or recognised and in our opinion, equally ignored by both sufferers and the outside world. There are many reasons why the topic, symptoms and even diagnosis is not openly accepted and one of the main reasons is embarrassment. Men appear to regard the issue as a weakness even though public figures such as Stephen Fry, Freddie Flintoff and Matt Johnson, figures of some success and high regard, openly discuss the issue.

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Muted is not a medical organisation, we provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment.
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